We know it's important to know what's behind a label. Where it was made, what it is made of and who made it. We're proud to be able to say all of our Merinomink™ knitwear is made in-house by an amazing team of people. 

Who Made My Clothes?

Who Made My Clothes is a fashion movement, founded by Fashion Revolution after the Dhaka garment factory collapse in 2013, which took the lives of 1,134 workers and injured thousands more. The initiative aims to create a fashion industry that "conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit".

We are committed to our social and environmental responsibility by doing what we say and being open about how we operate. We want to connect you to the process by putting faces and real lives to the amazing individuals behind our clothes.

All of our Merinomink™ knitwear is made right here in our Christchurch workrooms by our talented team. These are the people who make it all possible, supporting our sustainable practices so we can continue on our mission of making a positive impact in the world.

ZQ Merino

ZQ™ is an accreditation program that ensures all Merino in Merinomink™ garments is grown to specified animal welfare, environmental, social and economic standards. Our Merino suppliers all adhere to a strict no-mulesing policy as part of ensuring the health and welfare of the sheep. Growers follow guidelines governing soil conservation and the use and development of land, air and water resources.

New Zealand's unique high country environment and farming systems produce Merino fibre renowned for its range of attributes, which give our Merinomink™ garments their distinctive lightness and smoothness to touch. Here in New Zealand, Merino sheep graze on pastures in 'free range' conditions throughout the year. The free range style of farming suits both the high country environment (alpine and sub-alpine grassland) and the hardy Merino breed.

Merino producers have developed the necessary stockmanship often over many generations, to ensure the health and welfare of their sheep and that the productive capacity of their farms is maintained or enhanced, rather than degraded. Merino sheep are farmed in some of the most beautiful alpine and sub alpine grassland areas. To ensure they stay this way for future generations, farmers have developed systems that result in the production of high quality Merino fibre without damage to the environment.

The sustainability of farming is closely linked with the social and economic welfare of farmers, farm workers and communities. The majority of ZQ™ Merino fibre is produced in the South Island's high country where farmers and their local communities have developed a distinctive culture of robustness and resilience, while continuing careful stewardship of the land. ZQ™ provides a transparent traceability scheme that allows us to identify and track ZQ™ fibre back to the farm. This ensures the desired fibre quality is maintained and that product and system integrity is not compromised.