Nurtured by Nature

Merinomink™ is our exclusive blend of fine merino wool, luxurious Brushtail possum fibre and Mulberry silk. We sometimes add a little angora to achieve lighter, brighter colours. Famed for its exceptional performance, this beautiful blend is light as a feather yet very long-lasting. 

Better for you

Warmth without weight — This stunning yarn combination creates exceptionally warm garments with featherweight softness. 

Pill-resistant — Brushtail possum fibre has a hollow structure without any scales, so your Merinomink™ knitwear will stay looking new, resisting any rubbing or pilling. 

Anti-microbial and odour resistant — Merinomink™ has an inherent resistance to odour, so only needs washing every few wears.

Long-lasting — Merinomink™ keep its shape, wear after wear.

Temperature regulating — Unlike synthetics, our Merinomink™ blend is a naturally active fibre that reacts to changes in body temperature, to cool you down when you're warm, and warm you up when you're feeling cold.

Comfortable — Natural elasticity helps our garments stretch and move with your body, making them super comfortable to wear.

Protection — With natural UV resistance, Merinomink™ not only protects your skin from the sun, but is naturally fire retardant and safe around a naked flame or intense heat.

Wrinkle-resistant — At a microscopic level, each merino wool fibre we use in our Merinomink™ blend is like a coiled spring that returns to its natural shape after being bent. This gives our Merinomink™ garments a natural resistance to wrinkles.

Better for the planet

Reduces the use of nasty chemicals in our environment — The Brushtail possum is New Zealand’s biggest ecological threat. Legally classified as a pest is only found in Australasia and was introduced to New Zealand in 1837 from Australia. In their native Australian environment, possums do not pose a threat, but they have  no natural predators in New Zealand. The government wants to eliminate possums, so uses broadcast toxic chemicals. By utilising Brushtail possum fibre, we are helping to minimise the impact of these pests on native flora and fauna without the use of nasty chemicals that negatively impact our environment. 

Sustainably sourced — The merino we use in our Merinomink™ garments is ZQ certified ensuring it is of premium quality and social, environmental and animal welfare standards are adhered to. 

Easy on the earth — When our Merinomink™ garments are disposed of, they will naturally decompose in soil in a matter of years, slowly releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth.

Why are possums a threat?

  • Possums eat their way through 17,000 tonnes of native vegetation each night, leaving just bare branches.
  • The damage is so severe, possums can kill entire forests by defoliation within 20 years.
  • With no flowers, berries or nectar left, native bird populations have nothing to eat.
  • Possums are omnivores and also consume the eggs and chicks of our endangered native bird species.
  • They attack adult birds in the nest in order to reach the chicks and eggs.
  • Several new species of native birds have become endangered, largely due to possums.
  • They prey upon our rare native invertebrates such as weta and land snails.