Sustainable Design

We take a holistic approach to sustainable design. It’s woven well into our DNA. Doing right by people and the planet is simply business as usual for us. We know sustainability is a journey, so we strive for progress not perfection, and we the hope the small changes we make along the way, will make big impact one day.

We begin by selecting natural fibres and fabrics that are easy on the earth. Then we thoughtfully design each piece for maximal use and for minimal waste. Our amazing makers enjoy a caring, fun and supportive working environment, benefiting from little extras like sunshine breaks throughout the day and an extended lunch break so they can go for a walk. In the summer months, we offer outdoor qi gong classes to help ease any stress and improve focus, and we regularly find excuses to bring our whole team together for morning tea or lunch.

It’s important to us that we produce our collections in a way that respects you and the earth. We want our garments to last, to be cherished for years, and to be passed down through generations.

One collection per year

We create just one collection a year, along with few small meaningful in-season capsules. Our collections are created to endure wear and surpass trends, so they can be worn and enjoyed year after year.

Keeping it Local

We proudly make all our Merinomink™ knitwear in our own workrooms in Christchurch, New Zealand. This not only supports our local community, but reduces our carbon footprint on transport emissions. 

Waste Not Want Not

We don't like to waste a thing and our design team are masters at minimising waste. When we do end up with small bits of waste left over, we make sure they're put to good use. Offcuts from our Merinomink™ garments get upcycled into cosy patchwork blankets or they're sent to be recycled into home insulation.