Premium Possum

Premium Possum Fibres

Snowy Peak Limited pioneered the use of Brushtail Possum fibre blended with wool in 1992 and following deep research, launched Merinomink™ as the premium Possum Merino luxury brand.

Our Premium Possum fibre has no scales so there in no friction within the fibre itself. This means Merinomink™ garments have a very high resistance to pilling (rubbing). The more possum fibre in the blend the more the garments resist pilling.

Merinomink™ garments have the highest possum fibre content on the market. Which means they resist pilling the most and look the best for the longest!

Due to the hollow structure of possum fibre, our Premium Possum blend has a very high warmth to weight ratio. Air is trapped both within the fibre and in the fabric when blended with high crimp, fine Merino (just like insulation). The results are garments that are warm but not bulky. For its weight, Merinomink™ Premium Possum blend is twice as warm as any other wool blend in the world!

In comparison to cashmere, wool and angora, Merinomink™ Premium Possum fibre is the lightest yet remains the best insulator.

Warmth Comparision
Resistence to Pilling (Rubbing)

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