Petite Dog Jacket

Petite Dog Jacket

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Designer's Notes

Give your best friend something to bark about. A fine merino and possum coat that is soft, warm and oh so cosy. Fits small sized dog (e.g. Bischon Frise, Chihuahua etc). If your best friend is bigger, try our regular Dog Jackets

Size Guide

The chart below indicate what size garment you should order, depending on your dogs body size.

Chest measurement is taken around the widest part of your dogs chest and ribcage. The length is taken from where your dogs collar would sit and down the back.

Chest cm (in) 35-42
Length cm (in) 39

Product Information

Use Woolmark-approved, detergent. Hand wash and rinse thoroughly firstly in lukewarm water, then finally in cold water. To remove excess water, a low to medium spin cycle in a washing machine is recommended.

Irrespective of the method of cleaning, it is highly recommended that the sweater is laundered inside-out. This will protect the sweater’s outer surface, and help to maintain as new look for longer.

Although Merinomink wool/possum sweaters are manufactured to a very high colour fastness to minimise the risk of colour bleeding or fading, it is recommended dark or brightly coloured garments are never washed with pale shades or whites. To avoid the possibility of any colour transfer from one garment to another, after washing never leave wet garments stacked up on one another, for example in a wash basket, for any length of time. When hand washing sweaters, it is best to wash garments individually, or like colours together. Also, to avoid any shrinkage or distortion, do not wring out and avoid any excessive agitation.

To dry, lay flat on a clean towel.

The 100% natural fibres of the Merinomink™ blend resist odour so Merinomink™ requires less washing, making it easier on you and the environment.

You can find all the washing instructions on the care label inside every Merinomink™ garment and on the paper label on all accessories

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